Q: Do you make one-off tanks?

A: Possibly

Tooling up for a single tank is costly, so to make only one tank it would cost in excess of £1,000

However, we would do it if the following criteria applies:

  • The tank is a popular tank and one we think we would definately sell more of, then we may consider covering the cost of tooling ourselves.
  • You were to order 8 or more
  • You have the tank you want us to make - in any condition - and can supply it to us
  • You are prepared to pay the cost for a one-off tank and understand that it could take approximately 12 weeks or more to produce

Q: How long is delivery?

A: Currently up to 16 weeks for items manufactured at HoltWorks eg Alloy Fabricated products although we indend to have this time reduced soon.

All other items should be within a week.


New products may take longer due to tooling.

Q: Do you deliver Worldwide?

A: Yes

However, the tanks are bulky and delivery costly

For example, a single tank to Australia would be around £120 excluding any customs duty that may be incurred but all our tanks include insurance cover.

Q: If I order more than one of the same type of tank will it be identical to the last as it is handmade?

Yes! Identical in every way even though it is handmade.

What is the thickness of your Fuel Tanks?

All our tanks are made with 2mm thick Aluminium.